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Sunda teal (East Indian grey teal)

Anas gibberifrons

Oost-Indische witkeeltaling / Weißkehlente / Sarcelle grise


This newly-split teal is precautionarily suspected to be undergoing moderately rapid population declines owing to hunting pressure and habitat degradation. It has therefore been classified as Near Threatened, but better information may lead to a future reclassification. Native to India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Timor-Leste.


The population was estimated at 10,000-100,000 individuals by Wetlands International (2014). Appears locally common but has not been found in large concentrations, with exception of c. 500 on L Be Malae, Timor, in Jun 2005. Widely hunted in Indonesia, while widespread deforestation and other habitat modification probably represent additional threats


Not commonly kept in aviculture (Europa/ USA), it is questionable if a self sustainable population is long lasting, due to a lack of interest. 


The species is highly adaptable to all types of wetlands, with shallow, fresh, brackish or saline waters; often on temporarily flooded areas, and coastal lagoons. Also found on rivers, with large concentrations sometimes recorded in mangrove swamps and has been observed on sea.


More information: http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/22727271/0 and http://www.hbw.com/species/sunda-teal-anas-gibberifrons  



Above: adult Sunda teal (male)



Above: adult couple of Sunda teal (female in front)



Above: adult Sunda teal (female)



Above: adult Sunda teal (male left)



Above: adult Sunda teal (male)



Above: adult couple of Sunda teal (male left)

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