Harteman Wildfowl | kvk 90846257 | ubn 6872294

Black crowned crane

Balearica pavonina

Zwarte  kroonkraanvogel

This species is classified as Vulnerable as recent surveys have shown a rapid population decline which is predicted to continue into the future, primarily due to habitat loss and trapping for domestication or illegal international trade. However, trend data for the eastern sub-population is poorly known, and should the worst-case scenario for B. p. ceciliae prove to be accurate this species may warrant uplisting in the future.

Black crowned cranes occur in disjunct sub-populations through the Sahel and Sudan-Guinea savanna zones of Africa, with records from as far south as the Democratic Republic of Congo, but was once more numerous and widespread. 

More information: http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/106002784/0 

Balearica pavonina pavonina Left: Balearica pavonina pavonina

Balearica pavonina ceciliae Left: Balearica pavonina ceciliae

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