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Ruddy duck

Oxyura jamaicensis

Rosse stekelstaarteend / Schwarzkopfruderente / Érismature rousse

The Ruddy duck, sometimes called North American ruddy duck, is a typical Stiff-tailed duck (genus Oxyura). It has an extremely large discontinuous range in the Americas, occurring in Canada, the USA, Mexico, the West Indies, and along the Andes from Colombia to Tierra del Fuego (Chile). An introduced population is established and spreading in the United Kingdom and the mainland of Europe. The Ruddy duck is an invasive exotic species (or invasive alien species) in Europe and a thought to be a threat to its Eurasian relative, the White-headed duck.


The species is partly migratory; North American breeders tend to depart from breeding grounds to winter further south or near the coast, whereas other populations are sedentary or make only short-distance movements. Freshwater swamps, lakes, pools, and marshes with emergent vegetation and open water are preferred breeding habitats, although outside the breeding season the species can also be found on larger lakes, brackish lagoons and estuaries (Carboneras 1992).


More information: http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/100600357/0 


Ruddy duck Male, summer plumage


Ruddy duck Adult male, courtship


Ruddy duck Adult male


Ruddy duck Adult female


Ruddy duck Adult male, courtship


Ruddy duck Adult male, courtship


Oxyura jamaicensis

Above: North American ruddy duck in winter plumage



Above: Close-ups of Stiff-tailed ducks (genus Oxyura) for identification. Click to enlarge.


Above: Ruddy ducks, close-up

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