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Robin-chats (Cossypha)

The robin-chats are small insectivorous birds in the genera Cossyphicula and Cossypha. They were formerly in the thrush family Turdidae, but are now more often treated as part of the Old World flycatcher, Muscicapidae.

These are African woodland dwelling species, but some have become adapted to sites around human habitation.

Species in taxonomic order are:

  • White-bellied robin-chat, Cossyphicula roberti
  • Mountain robin-chat, Cossypha isabellae
  • Archer's ground robin, Cossypha archeri
  • Olive-flanked ground robin, Cossypha anomala
  • Cape robin-chat, Cossypha caffra
  • White-throated robin-chat, Cossypha humeralis
  • Blue-shouldered robin-chat, Cossypha cyanocampter
  • Grey-winged robin-chat, Cossypha polioptera
  • Rüppell's robin-chat, Cossypha semirufa
  • White-browed robin-chat, Cossypha heuglini
  • Red-capped robin-chat, Cossypha natalensis
  • Chorister robin-chat, Cossypha dichroa
  • White-headed robin-chat, Cossypha heinrichi
  • Snowy-crowned robin-chat, Cossypha niveicapilla
  • White-crowned robin-chat, Cossypha albicapilla
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