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From the establishment in 1998, this website is where a place to find a documentation and photography of the world's Anseriformes; ducks, geese, swans and screamers. This website is a celebration to aviculture and bird conservation. 


Since childhood, I love to share my passion for breeding waterfowl and bird conservation. Therefore, I launched Harteman Wildfowl. In the late 90's, it was one of the first websites on waterfowl of that size, including all taxa of the world's Anseriformes.  


In 2005, I was honoured to receive the Hancock Memorial Award from the International Wild Waterfowl Association, for an outstanding contribution to the collective knowledge of waterfowl.

I was able to participate the Sylvan Heights Avian Husbandry & Management Program in 2005, as part of the Lis Glassco Hudson Memorial Internship, conducted at ekstergans.jpg Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck, North Carolina, USA. 


To amplify my thoughts and mission I became board member of Aviornis International Netherlands in 2006, an international association for preserving birds in aviculture. From that time I have been responsible for maintaining the Aviornis website, developing promotionals and being contact to zoological societies and educational institutions. 


From 2006 untill 2012 I was teacher of animal husbandry and avian husbandry at Aeres MBO Barneveld, secondary vocational college for agriculture in Barneveld, the Netherlands. 

In 2012 and 2013 I gained experience as head bird keeping at Vogelpark Avifauna, birdpark in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands. I left Vogelpark Avifauna in 2013 and returned at Aeres MBO Barneveld again in 2014, where I was responsible for receiving the institution's zoo license in 2017, to operate the campus in line with the EU Zoo Directive. Alongside the teaching I love organizing speaker sessions, symposia and other avicultural meetings. 

Since October 2014 I have been a board member of the International Wild Waterfowl Association.


Back in 2018 I started building a new small (but delicate) collection of birds [click here for our current list], with the focus on breeding globally threatened species, in coorporation with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and the Ex-situ Programmes (EEP's) of several endangered species. 


Documentation and experience at this website have come from from various aviculturists, private breeders, zoological institutions and ornithologists around the world. Photographical work has been taken by myself, unless stated different. 


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Please keep in mind that this website is and has been maintained on a hobby basis. It is a non-commercial website, we do not offer any birds for sale. 

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