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Update on Brazilian merganser conservation

Posted by jan VIP ,

August 20st 2015 | We just received great news from Zooparque Itatiba (Brazil): This year, 8 ducklings of the Brazilian merganser have hatched. Eggs from wild birds were collected at several locations (Patrocínio and Jalapao). Currently, Zooparque Itatiba is home to 10 Brazilian mergansers. They have been collected from 5 nests in 3 locations. Two more adult birds are currently at Criadouro De Aves Poços De Caldas, which makes 12 captive birds globally known. All birds are part of the official breeding programma, under supervision of the Brazilian authorities including ICMBio and Terra Brasilis. The sex ratio of these birds is almost 50/50, which gives hope for the future of the species! 
More information has yet to come.

Thanks to Robert Kooij (general manager of the zoo) for this amazing update! 


Click here for information and photos.



Above: juvenile Brazilian mergansers. Photo © Robert Kooij/ Zooparque Itatiba


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