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Dabbling ducks of the genus Spatula

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Ducks of the genus Spatula

Usually placed in Anas like most dabbling ducks, some species stand well apart from typical Anas-species as the mallard. Shovelers and their relatives form a "blue-winged" group that may warrant separation as genus Spatula (del Hoyo and Collar 2014). The arrangement is based on current morphological, molecular, and behavioral characters and presents apparent major evolutionary grouping compared to the subgenera the species were placed in at one time or another. Recognition of this genus is supported by genetic findings (Gonzalez et. al, 2009).


The genus Spatula, as mentioned above, includes the following species:

  1. Garganey, Spatula querquedula (Anas querquedula)
  2. Puna teal, Spatula puna (Anas puna) 
  3. Versicolor (Silver) teal, Spatula versicolor (Anas versicolor)
  4. Hottentot teal, Spatula hottentota (Anas hottentota)
  5. Blue-winged teal, Spatula discors (Anas discors) 
  6. Cinnamon teal, Spatula cyanoptera (Anas cyanoptera)
  7. Northern shoveler, Spatula clypeata (Anas clypeata) 
  8. Cape shoveler, Spatula smithii (Anas smithii) 
  9. Australian shoveler, Spatula rhychotis (Anas rhynchotis) 
  10. Red shoveler, Spatula platalea (Anas platalea) 


Above: adult drake Red shoveler.


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