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New video: World of Birds - The Avicultural Side

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This video is a celebration to aviculture, education and bird conservation.

Aviculture is the practice of keeping and breeding birds and the culture that forms around it. Aviculture is generally focused on not only the raising and breeding of birds, but also on preserving avian habitat, and public awareness campaigns.


There are various reasons that people get involved in aviculture. Some people breed birds to preserve a species. Some people breed parrots as companion birds, and some people breed birds to make a profit.

The most modern accurate definition of the word aviculture is given by Mr Michael A. Wetherall: "Aviculture is the practice of keeping birds (Class Aves) in captivity using controlled conditions, normally within the confines of an aviary, for hobby, research & conservation purposes".

Some important reasons for aviculture are: breeding birds to preserve the species because many avian species are at risk due to habitat destruction and natural disaster. Aviculture encourages conservation, provides education about avian species and includes research on avian behavior.


The truest meaning of aviculture, was described by Dr. Jean Delacour, the most dedicated, influential, and highly respected individual in the modern history of aviculture.
"The worldwide hobby of keeping and breeding numerous species of wild birds in captivity to maintain their numerical status in nature with a view of forestalling their extinction by supplying aviary raised stock".


"We shan't save all we should like to, but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried" - Sir Peter Scott



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