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Papers, reports and observations

Photographic work 

Photographic work has been published in the following works:

  • 2022 - The Madagascar Teal, Charles van de Kerkhof. Published in Words of Waterfowl, newsletters of Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Society and the International Wild Waterfowl Association.
  • 2021 - Het houden van fazanten van hobby tot passie, Franz Duister (Aviornis International)
    Himalayan monal (p6), white-crested kalij pheasant (p257), Vietnamese pheasant (p290, p299), Blue eared-pheasant (p366, 367), Elliot's pheasant (p396).
  • 2013 - Pato-mergulhão, Sávio Freire Bruno (Editora da UFF)
    Scaly-sided merganser (p61), red-breasted merganser (p62), common merganser (p63). 
  • 2012 - Watervogels houden, 't is een hobby, Liliane De Boeck-Pauchet (Aviornis International)
    Blue-billed teal (p444, 786), American eider (p501, p737), blue-winged goose (p580, 581), giant Canada goose (p587), cackling goose (p591), kelp goose (p606, 608), spur-winged goose (p631), cotton pygmy goose (p730), spotted whistling duck (p763), green pygmy goose (p769), Madagascar teal (p821), Meller's duck (p834), New Zealand scaup (p842), common pochard (p885), Pacific black duck (p892, 893).

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