Harteman Wildfowl | kvk 90846257 | ubn 6872294

Chestnut-bellied guan

Penelope ochrogaster


This species is listed as Vulnerable because its small population and range are continuing to decrease owing to continuing habitat loss, with additional pressures from hunting.

In the north Pantanal, it inhabits "cordilheira" (high-ground) forest, and particularly semi-deciduous gallery forest with a continuous canopy of 15-20 m. These forests are rich in woody lianas (mainly Sapindaceae and Bignoniaceae) along the edges, with a relatively open undergrowth except for occasional dense patches of terrestrial bromeliads. It presumably feeds mostly on fruit, but during the dry season (between May and September) is possibly heavily dependent on the flowers of Tabebuia trees (Olmos 1998).

Conservation Actions Underway
It is protected under Brazilian law, and has been recorded around the periphery of Pantanal National Park and Araguaia National Park. It is found in Cantão State Park and is fully protected within the SESC Pantanal Private Natural Heritage Reserve (P. de T. Z. Antas in litt. 2012).


Conservation Actions Proposed
Survey to assess the species's current range and ascertain its occurrence in Araguaia National Park, where there has not been comprehensive recent work and there is a record of an unidentified Penelope species dating from the late 1990s. Protect populations in Poconé from further habitat loss. Consider the development of sustainable forestry practices to supply materials for bridge repairs on the Transpantaneira road. Encourage sustainable forestry practices among the cattle-grazing community. Support the proposal for a national park in the Rio Paraguaizinho Basin (P. de T. Z. Antas in litt. 2012). 

More information: http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/100060085/0 



Above: Chestnut-bellied guan in Pantanal Matogrossense National Park



Above: Chestnut-bellied guan in Pantanal Matogrossense National Park



Above: Chestnut-bellied guan in Pantanal Matogrossense National Park

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